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Thursday, June 11, 2009

appologies for a long break!

Well here I am again, got a bit snowed under by uni work and start of placement - went right off the rails ww wise too! but I was happy i only GAINED 1 POUND, pretty cool really, still 1 stone down and I am back on it with full force today, I just need to stick to it now LOL. just a short post just ot get me back into the swing of it, will post later on whatever is going on in my life. YAY GO ME!


  1. what course are you doing? where is your placement?

    Please can you let me know what your WW user name is via me@bryherhill.com along with your blog address - I'm updating the blog roll.


  2. Hello!

    To maintain your listing on the ww5plus blogroll I need you to please email me the following to me@bryherhill.com

    1. The URL of your blog
    2. The title of your blog
    3. Your WW username.

    If this has not been done by the end of August 2009 I will be removing your blog from the listing.

    Bryher (5+ moderator)