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Thursday, June 11, 2009

appologies for a long break!

Well here I am again, got a bit snowed under by uni work and start of placement - went right off the rails ww wise too! but I was happy i only GAINED 1 POUND, pretty cool really, still 1 stone down and I am back on it with full force today, I just need to stick to it now LOL. just a short post just ot get me back into the swing of it, will post later on whatever is going on in my life. YAY GO ME!

Monday, May 25, 2009

hehe monday

well I am still on this ww lark, had a sneaky peek this morning and I had put on another 2 pounds! I mean OMG
Its actually spurred me more on, there is no way I am going to fall below a stone loss, but I now need to get my head round getting to 1 and half stones loss, because I am really not progessing very well.
I'm actually surprised I am still here trying though, I would have given up a long time ago normally and I have been sitting at a stone loss for like weeks, even though I am struggling I really want to lose this weight. I dont get why I just mess it up at the end of the day/week, i do so well for so long then bang I have a bad moment or 10.
So I need to start back at basics and get back into this full on, I know a key point is lack of the gym , but i also know I just wont go once i start placements, I just dont know what to do. I have a wii fit here which I havent used for a while, I also have the ea games game for the wii waiting at a parcel depot which I cant get until tuesday, maybe I will start a challenge for myself, or maybe I should open it up to others? but one way or another i need to get back into exercising and sticking to my points!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

late weigh in report post week 10

well this week I GAINED 2 POUNDS, It was a well deserved and expected gain! and also had a bit of totm thrown in too. I've had a weekend of packed activities too, and eating out so decided to restart on ww today (sunday), so here I am still struggling, but still one stone down!, I feel kinda pleased that I havent actually gone to less than a stone so far great maintaining but not much loss lol. I also know I have the ea sports disk sitting in a parcel depot waiting for me to go get it and I cant get it until tuesday its very frustrating LOL I want to have a go on it. but I had a very quick go on my mates yesterday and OMG It was like 5 mins literally and my legs are killing me LOL I am going to be crawling about when I get mine, but cant wait.
well should have found out about my placement on friday, but in true hayley style it had to mess up and I got a to be confirmed message instead, I am guessing the placement hasnt got back to them yet, and Im also guessing its not going to go as smoothly as I wanted, I hope the placement does though! wish me luck for this week and weight loss and placement!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

its tuesday!

well feeling ALOT better every day, and even its totm and I have been urmm sneaky peeking daily, and atm its showing a 2 pound gain, I know its cos of totm though, so Ill expect it on thursday, and ti doesnt seem to be affecting me at all.
Well had an odd week have been struggling a little bit at the start of the ww week, but have been trying to keep to my points LOL - I know my mood is much better now im towards the end of the week and can feel my mojo returning slowly. I actually think the community project did affect me more than i thought, Ill blog mroe on it later!
I am still committed to losing this weight its taking a long time LOL, but its a heathy weight loss overall so far. I think im in my 10th week and lost 16.5 pounds so far so about 1.5 loss a week on average, so not bad least its going down and not up lol. Well might be a miracle this week and I might lose, but for now Ill expect a gain or a sts at best purely because me and totm really dont get on weight wise.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

its saturday!

well today I feel much more positive about life, I have decided thatI am not a loser any more, I am a winner now. I am finding it hard to stick to my points but I am doing it. I am just taking one day at a time and hope that this week I can do the whole week with no blips lol. I got myfitness coach yesterday so going to have a go on it later as well. All in all an ok day, have to be a bit organised for next week cos we ar ein uni all week. just a hsor tpost got a fair bit to fo, just wanted to write how positive i felt and that I wont give up on me.