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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

its tuesday!

well feeling ALOT better every day, and even its totm and I have been urmm sneaky peeking daily, and atm its showing a 2 pound gain, I know its cos of totm though, so Ill expect it on thursday, and ti doesnt seem to be affecting me at all.
Well had an odd week have been struggling a little bit at the start of the ww week, but have been trying to keep to my points LOL - I know my mood is much better now im towards the end of the week and can feel my mojo returning slowly. I actually think the community project did affect me more than i thought, Ill blog mroe on it later!
I am still committed to losing this weight its taking a long time LOL, but its a heathy weight loss overall so far. I think im in my 10th week and lost 16.5 pounds so far so about 1.5 loss a week on average, so not bad least its going down and not up lol. Well might be a miracle this week and I might lose, but for now Ill expect a gain or a sts at best purely because me and totm really dont get on weight wise.

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