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Sunday, May 24, 2009

late weigh in report post week 10

well this week I GAINED 2 POUNDS, It was a well deserved and expected gain! and also had a bit of totm thrown in too. I've had a weekend of packed activities too, and eating out so decided to restart on ww today (sunday), so here I am still struggling, but still one stone down!, I feel kinda pleased that I havent actually gone to less than a stone so far great maintaining but not much loss lol. I also know I have the ea sports disk sitting in a parcel depot waiting for me to go get it and I cant get it until tuesday its very frustrating LOL I want to have a go on it. but I had a very quick go on my mates yesterday and OMG It was like 5 mins literally and my legs are killing me LOL I am going to be crawling about when I get mine, but cant wait.
well should have found out about my placement on friday, but in true hayley style it had to mess up and I got a to be confirmed message instead, I am guessing the placement hasnt got back to them yet, and Im also guessing its not going to go as smoothly as I wanted, I hope the placement does though! wish me luck for this week and weight loss and placement!

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