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Friday, May 8, 2009

I got to thinking today

Bit dangerous I know me thinking, Ive been doing this ww for 8 weeks now, and I have struggled big time since I was ill. However you know what ......I am still here, still trying to lose this weight!!!! that is a big thing for me, I am still committed to getting thin and havent given up on myself yet and i dont think I will. Fantastic mind set change, as before I'd have been gone by now and given up for sure!

Yes at the moment i feel so low about how I look, seeing myself on dvd just shows me how I look to the world really, it smacked me right in the face what a mess I look. I wonder how I let myself get to this stage, and probably other people are thinking that too!

I am going to lose this weight and I so want to be thin, right now a stone seems a small drop in a big ocean for me, I should celebrate my loss but to be honest its not made any difference yet to anything, my clothes arent any looser yet and I am still hideous looking, but one thing I do know is that when I do lose more it will show. I just have to be patient its just hard to be sometimes. I hope that I will see the losses as good in times to come - I figure I have to lose about 11 stone to be in my healthy range, you that is actually more than I want to weigh at the end, I am twice the size I should be, its just daunting when you think of it that way. For now though I am aiming for 12 stone, my problem is I know all the talk about breaking up into smaller goals, however I get to my smaller goal and thats it ive done my goal my head things done it thats it and I find it hard to refocus on another goal and I give up, so now my mindset is I cant stop till I get to 12 stone. Simple no matter what I wont stop until I hit 12 stone.
I just have to make sure I stick to it, easier said then done, the boys are eating me out of house and home and I am losing money quick on a student bursary, I am going to have to cut back on everything big time. Plus side is I prob will only be able to afford 3 meals a day and fruit inbetween, already had a chat with the boys about food consumption - because they just graze constantly and everything is gone within a day or two, frustrating when it comes to making their lunches. So now I have told them when its gone its gone one shop a week and thats it.
so here I am, I would love in 3 years to be able to make a new video as was suggested on the ww site and have me as a slim size 16 generally healthy and feeling much better about myself.

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