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Thursday, May 14, 2009

weigh in week 9

well I lost another 2 pounds, I start off the week cool, then come monday/tuesday it all goes to pot.
I've had a bad week, I just seem to sit here crying most of the time lately and sounding all emo. I feel my presentation went very badly, everyone else's was so organised and cool, then we were just so rubbish, the dvd was poor, the work we presented was poor. everyone keeps saying dont be silly you might be surprised with your grade, its not helping everybody,
I KNOW it was rubbish!
I just keep thinking I have failed the whole placement, I have no idea what happens if that is true but will mean 7 weeks of work down the drain.
I just feel such a loser all the time, im fat im 20 stone im ugly, and im crap at presenting and I cant even stick to my ww for a week. I am usualy such a happy go lucky person, I am contemplating giving up the course cos I really am crap at presentations and this course is full of them, this course is just making me so down and like a loser its unbelievable. im sorting out my sons room right now, mulling over things I guess there is some fight in me, I might try and get a book on improving how to present. i will have a look later. anyway back to cleaning the room.

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