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Friday, May 15, 2009

well another week

I decded to have yesterday off from ww it was quite nice to just not have to think about it for a day. But today i am back on it and off i go. I feel kinda mad at myself I seem to be falling into a depressive state, im getting headaches again and feeling stressed...this is also impacting how i am seeing myself. I know i need to nip it in the bud now so going to go back to the doctors yet again.
I have decided though as from today I am worth this and I will do this, I keep pussy fotting around and yes I am losing weight but atm I just feel so down I can take it in. I should be shouting from the roof tops that i have lost 16.5 pounds, so why arent i? instead im sitting here most days in tears thinking how much of a loser i am...so time to get positive and get back on the happy bus. Im off out today with a mate then shopping later so today is my first day of thinking positive! I think one of the reasons I feel so down is that stupid placement, it was rubbish, and the whole presentation was rubbish too. no ones fault just we werent that good at it I am hoping with practice it will get better :) but for now i need to move my head away from that and onwards...never look back as they say!

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