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Saturday, May 2, 2009

hey everyone its saturday!

haha ok feeling in a good mood today, and still on ww wooooot! pretty proud of myself getting back into it and not giving up which I thought had happened! ...I hope I will be bale to stick to it for a while to come. I so want my first stone loss this week that would be so awesome! I have to admit I have been sneaky peeking ...bit naughty I know, but since its the same scales that I weigh in anyway (cos im one of those online people) it doesnt really give me a false reading, LOL urmm oh well ....
today we are shooitng our dvd for the presentation, I might not of mentioned this so a bit of background info. I am a student nurse and for my first placement we begrudgingly had to do a community profile project, hard to explain but basically we had to wander about an area and find out what health services are available for the area then chose a specific group in that area and find out how these services can help them. So we like daft gits chose travellers. We didnt feel like presenting our findings in the normal way we wanted to do something a bit differnt, so we are doing a dvd of sorts, so that is where we are now at the dvd making day. Im very nervous, not sure why rofl and im a little bit excited :D
I just hope my work is right and we get a good grade cos I have put in alot of time on this project and would literally cry if i got an F cos id done the wrong bit so will keep you informed on all that stuff.
Still not got the gym yet and I havent been on wwi fit for a while either, I really need to get back into it and start to do some exercise somewhere, mind you lately with walking about our target area I have got that exercise going for me. well off to get ready and update later on in the week!

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