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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

weigh in week 8

well had a bit of a tiswas yesterday, and I havebeen going off the rails. Was crying everything was going wrong, I looked hideous in the dvd and HATE IT! I mean literally hate it and I want to ditch the thing, so going to talk to my fellow team mates today about me not being in it and presenting verbally.
Well anyway woke up weighed myself and I lost 2.5 pounds. I am now at my 1 stone loss, somehow I thought I would feel much more happy cos I wanted to get to it, but all I feel is its such a fluke I went off the rails for like 3 days. Anyway I will try my best to keep on this ww lark for another week, I think I will be struggling day to day really, Im so fed up and I know I should be patient but just hate the way I look so much it sends me into a spiral of depression, the dvd really didnt help me at all! I need to break this stupid mind set and realise i am doing something about it now and crak on with it, Its silly but Im depressed cos im so fat and ugly and want to be thin so I eat more! wtf is that about? oh well going to have to get ready for uni now I will ponder this thought today.

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  1. Use your negativity, turn it round into positive thoughts. *nod*
    You ARE doing something about it.
    You CAN suceed at this!

    You may not feel grand about things right now, but as your weight drops off, your confidence will shine again, honest.

    Get some shopping done. Get some low or zero point munchies, and munch on them instead.
    Just because you eat when you are not feeling so great doesn't mean you have to stop eating, just change the things you put in your mouth!! Hehe!!

    Good luck sweetie xx