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Thursday, April 30, 2009

in the pink

Yeah ok I change my blog colours alot, I kinda like pink atm very girly and oh boy I need girly in my life LOL. well so far so good, on day 1 of back on track, I have stuck within my points got tons of extra yummy low fat stuff in the house!!!. It makes it so much easier when you have the right foods and nice yummy stuff too. Right now i am eating a massive bowl of strawberries and 0 point jelly all for 0.5 points! still have 4 points left for the day too! but im kinda at my stuffed limit now but see how it goes later, im a night owl so might get peckish later on.
Well didnt get to the gym today after all I really do need to make an effort with my exercise, maybe I will just stick with wii fit for a while, I know eventually I want to jog and be good at it but for now I realise my limitations in that area and will wait till im alot slimmer before I force myself on the world of joggers. well wanted to do a quick post I always find it keeps my mind set into ww if i keep posting hence i post ALOT, if i forget to read the posts on ww board, or forget to post here I kinda seem to forget to point and track and lose weight.

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