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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

almost the end of week 2

Oh my goodness, its almost weigh in day again, that has come so quick. I'm getting that excited feeling again, I got my scales fixed again today and almost stood on them but resisted!
Well feeling really positive about life at the moment, I dont know if this is my imagination or reality, but when I lose weight I always physically feel it in my face, and I can feel that feeling, also my cheek bones are a bit more prominant. I really can't wait until I am starting to get into smaller clothes. I looked in my wardrobe yesterday and saw some of my smaller clothes from last year, size 22 so not that small to most but to me they are, and they looked tiny. Its pretty sad to say that size 22 looks small compared to what I wear now. Right now I am in a size 26 my problem is my bum and hips, they are way too big - my waist is alot smaller so when I buy clothes they tend to be too big for my waist and basically get held up by my bum and hips. To make matters worse I lose weight from the top down so I start to look like a weeble wobble LOL. Well was just a quick post and will post my weight loss tomrorow ...CANT WAIT!

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