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Thursday, March 19, 2009

its weigh in day!

well its that day, I woke up this am excited, waited till i got the kids off to school got out the scales and saw the word "battery" ...so im like OMFG so i find a new battery and nope stil "battery" - by now im getting frustrated - double check and theres 2 battery compartments!!!! so i have to get dressed run to the shop and buy another battery run back pick out old batteries which was so hard to remove it actually broke the battery holding in part of the scales! by now im crying lol so anyway manage to do a patch up job with selotape and cardboard and the end result is:

7.5lbs loss
what a polava i had been looking forward to this day all week and i am just so relieved they still worked, kinda hoping the selotape and cardboard thing holds up for a while - cos i really dont want to change my scales.
I have a horrible feeling that my totm is fast looming too - I am crying over literally nothing and getting all frustrated about things, everything seems to be going wrong too - a sure go sign that soon it will be totm. I going to set myself up for a gain next week cos my body and totm do no get on at all - weight wise and every other way wise.
well today i plan to tackle my sons bedroom - its the last room in the house to tackle only problem is i ran out of bin bags so another shop visit will have to take place soon. Then its a case of get stuck in and clean that tip LOL.
must sign off for now and run thru and get other places sorted byeee

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