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Friday, March 20, 2009

just been for a walk

My mum asked if I could walk her dog today since she was out all day, so I had her round at my house and have spent the day with her. I took my youngest son for lunch and took the dog with me, he just munched macdonalds in the car on his school lunch break - well then i dropped him off and me and the doggi went for a stroll. It was a lovely warm spring day and we walked by the ducks it was lovely to just stop and breathe fresh air. I saw some wodnerful sights too - was an old couple riding a tandem as well as loads of other people just walking dogs and chilling by the water. I had a lovely time it has really given me a spring in my step, something I will definately do again. Also my mum si going to come back to a snoozing dog cos shes knackered now LOL

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