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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

well good morning

Well day 6 and still going strong, in fact if anything i feel stronger, still working on getting things in order here, I now have a 7 week "break" while I do my community project where i can get things really into order. Lots of housework and exercise and walking, a good deal of time to really concentrate on me!
I finally unpacked a cd from a human anatomy book and wow wish id done it sooner, it was so easy to understand and helped me tons, I am going to sit down one day very soon and learn about the heart first then onto other systems.
The great thing about going into nursing is the fact they are always banging on about health related issues, yes ok it can be embarassing at times but it keeps to the forefront of my mind that i am over weight and unhealthy and I do have greater risks of diseases. I just hope that by year three i have my goal of being a size 16 nurse, i think i have finally rested on that being my ultimate goal. Of course I would love to be a size 12 nurse and if that happens fantastic! but for now I am not going to aim too high or low as the case may be lol. Up until I had my children well to be honest my second child i managed to stay a size 16 no matter what i ate really. So would be nice to revisit that size although im now aware that its harder now to keep that size.

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