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Friday, March 27, 2009

start of week 3

Wow the start of week 3, I was really good yesterday thought the 1.5 loss would knock me off a bit because i was a bit upset about it but the fantastic girls on ww board pulled me back, i realise it wasnt such a bad loss at all. I also managed to eat all my points something I do have trouble with sometimes. So life is good, and I still feel in the groove so to speak.
I have been thinking about exercise recently and should I do some or not, I think for now the best form for me is walking I dont want to start a project like going to the gym and finding that when I start placements its not feasible to carry on with it, least with walking it is something I do daily and is part of my life. I got my ww pedometer the other day and its fabba but its been too cold to go out for me, as I have been feeling ill recently and my ears are playing up alot so the wind didnt help when I did go out.
Though today I have been feeling better and have a bit more energy. I dont know what was wrong with me for a few days but I was just freezing cold all the time though my temperature was pretty normal, I felt lethargic and slightly sick when I ate fattyish foods and just ached all over. My ears are a lifelong problem and i get alot of earache and wind doesnt help it. Maybe next time I will wear my hoodie.
I am learning alot about myself, just pondering on things and gernerally trying to figure out what makes me tick, I am pulling in alot of knowledge from my counselling sessions and now they are actually starting to make sense, its only took me a year LOL.
I have been tyring to get a bit more organised especially with my nursing course, i spend way too much time procrastinating and I should be utilising this time and getting things done. its just so hard to motivate myself to sit and do it, though weirdly enough I can sit here for hours on facebook or the ww site LOL. I guess I should make a timetable and try and plan some study work in. Wow at me getting orgainsed!

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