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Monday, March 16, 2009

day 5

good morning another bright sunny day - i feel on top of the world today, i really feel happy about life. I have had so much more energy i feel great i am doing something about my weight, and feel in control of my life. My house has needed some work doing for a while which im in the process of doing. Life is just fab!
I snacked so much yesterday though but it was all fruit LOL , i definately got my 5 a day in fruit alone, so need to go buy some more, and some veg. i never thought i would hear me ever say that LOL
well today is my last day of clinical skills at univeristy, im hoping it all goes without a glitch, no more embarassing moments...today i will be doing the good old manual handling session. oh joy, if anyone who is reading this has worked in healthcare you would know after the first session it gets progreessively more boring as time goes on, same old same old!!
Well just having a quick cup of tea while I shout at the kids to wake up and shower. Still working on my washing situation but its not almost done, just a ton of ironing to go LOL.
I am also really really excited for thursday my wi day - i cant wait to see how much i have lost! only 2 days to go LOL
Well i have to go time is catching me up wanted to write a little something this morning just to say how fabba i feel and to keep this thing real for me. byee for now! all have a great day out there:)

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