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Thursday, March 12, 2009

in 3 years i wanna be size 16 nurse!

Omg what a day, today we had to learn how to take manual blood pressure at univeristy, well I was the only "fat" person in the group and no cuff big enough for me. I felt so embarassed ....then to top it all got my uniform home because we got those today too and it was tight!

why is it when I put weight on I can just load it on, this time last year i was 17 stone moving towards 16 buying size 20 clothes ready for my next size down - now less than a year later im back to where i started and some! I mean why do i just load weight on, its not like i am a major pig i dont scoff 20 million things i just dont get it. I have to lsoe this weight im just so fed up and feel so down that im back to here, i just want to be thin!

i so hope i can stick to this because in 3 years i want to be that size 16 girl even size 12 would be fabba but ill take size 16 in a nice nurses uniform doing a great job!

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