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Sunday, March 15, 2009

day 4

well wow day 4 and still on it LOL, had a bad week at uni, got into uni friday and we did respiration rates, one of our tasks was to run round a block twice!! well RUN i can hardly freaking walk - so yeap i was the last one back struggling to breathe and of course the highest resp rate, the thing is though yes i was embarassed yet again!, but you know it actually inspired me to stick at this more, im hoping that image will stick in my head forever, the feeling of embarassment.
I am trying to decide about exercise - alot of people say walking is good for you, and free! my mum says come to the gym with me "its a really nice gym" i know from experience that Ill go for say 4 months then placements will start in and I wont be able to go, so im toying with buy a wii and getting some fitness thing on there, that might be an xmas thing though...i think for now walking is my best route. there sorted in 5 seconds LOL
You know though its only week one and day 4...this is going to sound muddled as a few things occured to me at the same time. Firstly i normally feel the need to take a nap during the day specially if i have been extra active - well got home friday after the dreaded run and no nap didnt even feel tired or sleepy then yesterday i woke up and tackeled a large part of the house took me hours to tidy a few rooms really clean hoover polish the lot and no sleep... in fact i was awake till like midnight then went to bed got a normal nights rest. Well I am putting this new phenominum down to the healthy food i am eating and tons of water.
Which brings me to another point - my skin, i have an issue with my skin and I sometimes get alot of spots all over - they are almost gone in 4 days! i can only link it to the water im drinking - my skin is actually getting better - i have so many many health beenfits from keeping up with this ww thing i guess i need to keep reminding myself of them- maybe a list on the fridge might help! in fact maybe later today im going to post a list of health benefits on here and print them and lamainate them (yes im sad) and plop them on my fridge maybe do a list of embarassing moments while im at it.
well i cant wait for thursday - my wi day - im so excited to see wha ti have lost (gosh i hope i have lost lol) i used to do sneaky peeks daily and if it was a bad result it would affect me..i also know your weight fluctuates during the week so this time I will resist the sneaky peeks and just get major excited for wi days lol.
well off to fold some washing and put it away ill come back later and think about some benefits and embarassing moments for me to list. Bye for now!

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