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Sunday, March 15, 2009

my list of reaosns to get thin

1) to wear nice clothes
2)to be able to shop in fashion shops
3)to make people have to really describe me
4)to be fit and healthy
5)to live longer
6)to achineve the only thing i have never been able to achineve
7)because i am worth it
8)to make my kids proud of me
9)to be able to do normal things and not feel knackered /out of breath
10)to be flexible
11) to be able to put on shoes and not gasp for breath cos im all scrunched up
12) to be able to cut my toe nails properly
13)to look nice in whatever i wear
14)to be able to eat in public and not think people are judging me
15)to do my job effectively
16)to never feel embarassed again cos i cant do something
17)to have more energy
18)so men fancy me again
19)to like myself and how i look
20)to look and feel younger

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