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Sunday, March 29, 2009

half way through week 3

I was just making lunch today , and was thinking how nice the food is that i am eating recently. For breakfast most days I have oats so simple porridge. Its so filling I love it, I tend to have some fruit mid morning, today I have for lunch a torpedo roll, with lettuce =, chicken slices salad and mayo inside plus some ww crisps. I eat yummy food at nights too most nights LOL - and man why do I never stick to this? I can eat anything I want I just had to keep within my points, I never miss out on a single thing. So this time I am going to keep telling myself that, and keep to this thing. I just dont understand why I feel the need to binge or self sabotage my weight loss. I am guessing its an internal thing myabe a lack of self belief, however my new saying is "if i started it I must have thought i can do this!"

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