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Monday, March 23, 2009

still going ..just

well its totm and the dreaded pains in my belly, the down feeling is full on - at least I have finally believed that my eating habits are down to emotional eating, I was never totally sure before. Yesterday I heard on the news Jade Goody had died, it hit a chord with me that she had cancer because it was what my dad died of last year. I had been following her progress through her stages and hoping that she would get better. When I heard she had died on mothers day, I was just so upset , all I kept thinking about were her little boys growing up without a mum. I know now my totm was affecting me big time, but it didnt stop me picking at food all day, it was not a major binge, I had 4 points saved and just snacked on low fat stuff some fruit but some cakes, so in reality I dont think it went well above the 4 points I had saved from the other days.
Today in lectures one was about self concept, a sentence hit a chord with me. It was that we never start anything unless we believe we can finsih it, I kinda thought well I started this diet or new lifestyle I must have believed that I could do this so that is going to be another saying to adhere to. A short post today basically because i want to go curl up in a ball and sleep. One last point cant wait for weigh in again, but my scales arent being nice so i think it will have to be a new pair soon!

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