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Thursday, March 26, 2009

weigh in result 2

Well this week I lost 1.5 pounds. I feel a bit blah about it, but its a healthy weight loss and its in the right direction so I should feel more positive.
I have just literally finished totm so maybe that has affected it as well. I dont know why I feel a bit down about it, I guess its the "I want it all off now syndrome", I neeed to realise that slow and steady wins the race. Because I know this "I want it all off now" is what makes me give up in the end because of high expectations or just not succeeding in what I wanted or just too slow for me, something I need to be aware of really. I need to get my mindset into being happy about any loss or sts because in reality that means I havent put any weight on, and the exercise of this is to not put any weight on right?
So to date I have lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks, which isnt bad actually. an average of 4.5 a week, and only another 5 pounds to my first stone!!!. I have put my goal weight at 14 stone for now, but I know I would love to get to 12 stone eventually. I truely think this blog will eb a godsend to me and I thoroughly advise anyone to try and keep one going. I feel i am now in full on ww swing and I will keep chipping away at this weight and for once weight wise, i think I WILL GET WHAT I WANT!

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