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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

nearly end of week 3

Well almost the end of week 3 and wow still on it LOL. I am getting that excited feeling again I cant wait to see if I have lost anything tomorrow, I have got my mindset into thinking even a pound is great, because every pound is a pound down.
I am toying with the idea of going for a walk soon, its not often I do exercise I really dont fancy going to the gym because i know i wont be able to sustain it. So I think walking is probably the best thing for me.
Ive had an up and down week this week, my mum upset me on sunday, something she has a knack of doing. I mentioned to her that i was thinking of getting my kitchen plastered so she tookit on herself and went and organised for a friend to give me a quote. Only issue was I didnt ask her to and at the moment I really dont have the money for it anyway. For some reason it really gets me feeling down mainly because she always tries to interfere/control my life. Well I was quite pleased with myself though because she did this (and I know it was a helping thing) but usually I would be in the cupboard of fridge eating everything in sight, this time I just cried loads shouted a bit and got in a bad mood and eventually told her she upset me, and now I feel much better and didnt raid the cupboard once. Just plodded on with my healthy eating thing. I am hoping I am dealing with and changing my coping mechanisms and that when someone or something upsets me I wont just turn to food, I will deal with it head on and get rid of my anger in other ways.
I have finally settled on a goal weight, I am not going to focus on small weights as such, I will go stone by stone but I think I need to have an ultimate weight to aim for, and until I get to that weight I wont stop. I always find before I aim for a 50 pound loss as my goal before rethinking a new goal, when I got to 50 pounds loss I would then get complacent and then I would start to gain, so now I have in my head I cant stop until I am at 12 stone so that would mean I need to lose 129 pounds I have already lost the 9 pounds so only 120 to go LOL. So here hopefully it willl be less than 120 pounds tomorrow! I will let you know :)

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