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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Well very quick post to say about my dumpling experience, I thought it was worth blogging about. Tonight I had a chicken stew with lots of veg and potatoes, in the freezer we have some aunt bessies dumplings. Well pointed one and it was 4 points - I had tons left so thought i will treat myself. Well I love dumplings! they are just major yummy squishy stodgy just yummy. So i popped one in for me and a couple for me son. Dished up dinner and went to dive into my dumpling and it was rock hard LOL. Now normally I would crunch my way thought it and not really ejoy it at all, but today I CHUCKED IT AWAY!!! I was so not going to spend 4 points on a tiny crunchy horrible tasting thing, instead i have pear and banana and ambrosia low fat custard instead! HA much nicer and worth the points!

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