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Friday, April 17, 2009

Into the groove!

well I am feeling much better, started to feel better last night, and managed to eat all day yesterday and as every hour that went by I just bounced back. Feel almost at 100% again and I can now manage rl again...YAY go me!
I was so good today, I had to meet some uni mates for a project, and we were meeting in macdonalds! Anyway before I went I drove over to macdonals in my town for some lunch for my kids and I knew we had no food in the house since id been too ill to even shop (now thats defo ill for me) so pondered over getting a macdonalds with the kids - nice juicy big mac i as thinking as I was waiting in the queue. For some reason when it came to ordering I just didnt order me one. Got home and had to rush off pretty fast to meet my friends. Well got there and they were eating macdonalds, and by now my tummy was shouting feed me. So I got a salad, and how yummy was that! it was humungous, (ok could have been more chicken) but I pointed it as 2.5 points for the chicken, rest was just salad and had no sauce. So I survived macdonalds not once today but twice! how cool is that, I dont even feel like I am missing out because I did have food from macdonalds! HA well tongiht some nice fish and chips home made and a yummy bread roll for a chip butty - got tons of points left so thought why not. I am so in the zone right now and its just onwards and downwards from now on, I would be silly to not keep this up, I really can have anyhting I want!

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