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Saturday, April 11, 2009

i want my 1 stone loss next week

There I have said it wrote it down and I want it!, I need to lose 2 pounds to get to my first stone, and I want that first stone gone so badly. I am well back on track again, have made up 1.5 points of my little blip the other night and got my milk and had my porridge, so all is good in the world again LOL.
I had to buy a sports bra, I ordered it online and it cost a fortune 28 quid! I hope it fits or I will be a bit miffed. I was jogging yesterday on the wii fit and my boobs were hurting so I definately need one, hopefully it will hold me still. I am still loving the wii fit and the more games I unlock the bettter it gets, although I am getting a bit worried, I hope there is many levels to unlock so I dont get bored too quickly!
So here goes next week and my 2 pound loss for my first stone! I WILL DO IT

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