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Thursday, April 2, 2009

weigh in week 3

Well this weeks result was a sts, I am not sure how to feel about it, I am not upset just dissapointed I didnt lose anything, more so wondering why! Did I do anything wrong or is it just one of those things that happened. So this week I am going to weigh everything and make sure I point it right and see how it goes. I also treated myself to a wii fit, not sure I should have but I wanted one and got my council tax back from being a student so thought well its money I would not have had anyway so lets treat myself for once. So this week I will also be getting in exercise and hopefully the scales will show a loss next week.

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  1. I hope you don't mind me commenting. I saw your blog on the WW messageboards.

    I can relate so much to what you say, and feel the same in so many ways. I had a brill loss yesterday and felt over the moon. This evening I grabbed a top that I wore last year on holiday and it's so tight. It shows I still have so far to go.

    I have been blogging too, not as often as you but I think it's good to get your feelings out and say things that are on your mind. Mine is jowantsasmallbum.blogspot.com

    If you want someone to be a buddy and encourage each other it would be great as I am finding that while family are a help, they don't 100% know the ups and downs of it all.

    Take care xx