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Friday, April 24, 2009

just been for a walk

well last day of the dog from hell today and thought id take her for a walk, i kinda feel bad now cos shes actually rather cute, just dont want her living with me LOL. Anyway we enjoyed our walk together and fed the swans and just ambled along by the water, it was a lovely day. I got to thinking, I have been feeling really down this last week, and the dog didnt help really as a consequence my weight loss went by the wayside a bit, i had 3 days where i didnt follow it at all. I had the little voice inside saying "you only lost 10 pounds how rubbish are you...you may as well give up now it will take forever to lose weight" well you know what that little voice isnt going to win, cos I am 10 pounds down only 4 to go for my first stone, ive had a week of being really ill followed by a week of stress at going back to uni after the holiday, and having a dog in my house, no wonder i am struggling. I can see where my pattern is though, something will throw me off routine and I go to pot, on wednesday I went in uni and because I didnt have much food in the house I couldnt take sandwiches, so had some soup at uni but got home starving still with no food in teh house, so we got a KFC, and it snowballed from there. I need to start getting ME sorted first, making sure the night before I do have food for the next day and I wont go hungry and then eat easy high fat food.
Anyway I am back to pointing today and though i dont have any mojo but i am just going through the motions anyway and I know my mojo will come, I am also aware this week I may gain again, but I will do everything I can to try and not let that happen. I am under a bit of pressure at the moment with uni, i have a presentation on monday but it isnt graded, then i have a presentation in 3 weeks which will be graded, i just feel like nothing is coming together on top of that i have to start to fill in my portfolio for the first time, scary stuff!

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