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Friday, April 10, 2009

found my mojo

It was hiding in morrisons under the fruit and veg stall. I woke up today went to the fridge there was NO MILK! my yuongest son walks by says "oh yeah thats cos i had hot choclate last night made from milk". Well still felt really sick Im sure that chinese was dodgy , anyway i didnt have much breakfast food in the house, because I r usualy haveporridge, might be a major flaw in the plan if I have no milk! so toast it was ...then later for lunch i peeked into the fridge which was looking kinda bare, there was a ww pasta thing and ww pasta sauce and then I also devoured 2 packets of ww crisps ..oh well ho hum! - by now feeling I like saying *beep* it im gonna pig out, luckily I didnt realy have much food left in the house LOL so had to go shopping. Icame back with the yummiest low fat food EVER tons of fruit and my mojo!!! - so I'm still in points today even got 5 left over after dinner, going to save 2 for the urmm mistake yesterday and prob have some strawberrys and elmlea light later!
oh oh i also had a curry tonight - it was fabba i had half a veg curry for 2 points and half a chicken jalfezi for 3.5 points and pilau rice for 3 points and a naan bread for 3.5 a feast i tell ya all for 12 points! so had my treat at last LOL

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