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Thursday, April 23, 2009

weigh in day and demon dogs

well its been an odd week, I have had two very bad days, and today isnt going any better either. I stood on the scales and put on 10 pounds!!! I mean wtf?? no way can anyone put 10 pounds on in a week! its just ludricrous
I am guessing last weeks weight loss was a bit false to say the least!!!!! so Im going to call it a 2 pound gain which sounds about right and ignore the fact last week existed. I need to get some shopping into the house which is proving to be hard at the moment, not physically but mentally.
I have the demon dog from hell and shes just getting me down so much, she really is lucky she is still alive. Shes just so spoilt and gross and ..and ..and, I cant eat cos she makes me feel sick, the cats are living under the bed and on top of the fridge, and to top it all I have to share my bed with it or I get no sleep from the whining and scratching she makes, which belive me is loud at 2 am. Anyway shes going back tomrorow thank god! and then a change of sheets and back to normal, I could really rant about this dog for ages but I will spare you the hatred I have for it LOL.
For now I need to really concentrate on getting me back into the groove and I dont think it will happen until tomorrow when the demon dog has gone. But I will get back on track!

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