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Friday, April 3, 2009

I am feeling a bit paranoid today

I usualy very rarely eat all my points every day, and at the end of the week I find I have a couple left over. Well this last week I thought I should really eat all my points and do it properly and I got a sts.
Now I am paranoid, am I pointing things right, or eating too much of something. I figure it might be a bit of both, I dont want to get into this odd crazy weight every morsel person but right that is what I feel like doing. I am toying with getting the ww food scales but then are they worth it really? Im going to probably see how I go this week, if its another sts then I will get right down to nitty gritty and back to real basics for me. Only plus side is today I should get my wii fit so will at last be doing some form of exercise I'm kinda hoping it will cover all my bad pointing efforts and give me a loss next week! fingers crossed

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