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Monday, April 6, 2009

wow middle of week 4

I am so chuffed I am still on ww. I have been a bit naughty this week, not food wise but the dreaded sneaky peek wise! I just needed to know I was losing weight this week, I got so paranoid after lasts weeks sts thinking I was doing it wrong that I needed to double check. Well I have lost a bit but will wait now until wi day and see just how much. I have been weighing and measuring EVERYTHING and making sure I eat all my points too!
I have also fell in love with the wii fit. Man im addicted, I absolutely love it. I really can feel myself aching from it LOL ...Im not that fit but I am really enjoying have a move about with the wii fit. The only problem is its so much fun you forget to stop and over do a bit LOL. I try to get to about 40 mins a day then it tells me to have a break, so I tend to heed its advice and go for one. I love yoga and that is what I find the best on wii fit i tend to start off with yoga then slowly progress to the fat burning bits LOL not sure how many fitness points i would get for it but Im not going to use them anyway.
I have also decided I think I will go for a picnic this week, weather permitting I might take some pics as well as we are thinking of going to salcey forest for a walk in the trees so will take my camera and my pedometer!

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