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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

oh boy sneaky peeks

well had a bad day yesterday! i did a sneaky peek in the morning and for some reason I have put on tons of weight, Im not entirely sre how much, i will find out for sure tomorrow. I am guessing because I was ill last week it wasnt an accurate reading, and now I can eat again its just put my body back into sync, but it is also totm as well. Anyway needless to say went off the rails a bit yesterday, and I wont even start to point it, because I think it would be impossible to do so. Then at night got invited to a friends for a bbq which was mega yummy. So today back on track and pointing again. I need to badly go shopping tonight, both me and the cats are low on food.
I have my mums dog here with me this week too, shes the most spoilt dog you have ever seen, and to be honest I cant wait for her to go back on friday, then me and my cats can get back our little routine - I really dont do good when my routine is out of sync!

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  1. I had a really bad few days between thursday and sunday, but did fast start for 3 days anc it got me back on track. I was expecting a gain, or STS but I actually lost 1.5lb. Give it a go for a few days with a bit of extra exercise, it really makes a difference. x