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Friday, April 3, 2009

im in week 4

Its pretty amazing really wow im in week 4 and still on this ww lark! Im impressed with myself, been learning alot about my bad pointing habits today - I need to weigh everything! Course i had been pointing a banana as 1.5 points and pears as 1 points etc because thats what the tracker says but know i know its an average! - however if i weigh like them today had a banana 2.5 points! I can see now why I sts this last week, I was eating all my points daily and prob going well over because i was pointing wrong. So this week hopefully I will get it right.
I dont know why I just feel this time is different, normally I would have had a sts and been thoroughly dissapointed and off to the fridge but i wasnt and didnt, I just thought better luck next week, and what did I do wrong etc.
Well I am hoping next week a combination of wii fit and eating the right points will give me a nice result, cos I so want to get to that first stone. I also had like 4 points left tonight so thought well why not have a packet of crisps they were 2 points and yummy. Now I LOVE crisps and I not had any proper crisps for 3 weeks now, and I ate them slowly didnt stuff them in like I susually do LOL. I just noticed that they lasted for like 5 mins or more and I could really appreciate the taste, maybe my habits are changing!


  1. I don't weigh everything, I'm just too lazy to be bothered. But I do swim most days, or do some Wii Fit but don't count my activity points earned, so I think that balances it out.

    Keep going and enjoy the Wii!

  2. Thnx i think i fell in love with the wii fit LOL , got really uptight about weighing cos of the sts - but i wasnt doing any activity really either ...so fingers cross this week no more sts - altho my SP did show a loss so kinda looking fwd to thursday now :)