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Thursday, April 30, 2009

wi week 7

How pants am I? week 7 and only lost 12 pounds overall, Today is showing a loss of 2 pounds I dont know how though I havent really followed the plan at all, I did have totm last week so I think its just that going, so I am guessing it was really a sts which is coool! I guess I shouldnt be too disheartened I have still lost but omg so slow , then again it is a healthy weight loss at 2 pounds a week on average LOL. Well had a bad few weeks to be honest and I am struggling big time but today i am going to try yet again to keep within my points and eat healthy food wait did I say try I meant I WILL. I also want to join a gym I just have this over whelming urge to do so, so I will prob walk down to the gym round the corner later and sign up again.
Well for now just a quick post to keep it real and get me back into the ww thing, off to go finish off our project and get an A (hehe we hope)

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  1. 12lbs is still 12lb less than you weighed 7 weeks ago and is nearly a stone. Just think how you will feel when you get that stone, it's such a brilliant feeling.

    Treat yourself to some nice gym clothes and enroll in the gym. M & S do a cheaper range, which are really nice and comfy. I use then when I do my Wii Fit. I didn't want to spend much as hopefully they will be too big soon!

    Keep going, you know you can do it x